Beautiful Perth


"Welcome to Beautiful Perth, an ideal holiday destination and a great place to live."

Perth Weather

Perth Ontario Weather

May long-weekend, water cool to cold for swimming. Night frosts have ended.

July, usually 2 weeks 30 C (86 F) or higher.

August, usually 2 weeks cool 15 C (59 F) and wet.

September, back-to-school week, or week after, hot & sunny 25 C (77 F).

First Week October, usually 21 C (41 F).

January Thaw, one week 5 C (41 F)

Between December & February, usually get 2 to 3 weeks when temperatures are -18 C (0 F) or colder.

Remember, you can always take excess clothes off if you're too hot, but you can't put them on if you don't have them with you.

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